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Czy Henryk VIII był ojcem dzieci Marii Boleyn?Did Henry VIII father Mary Boleyn’s children?

Do napisania tego artykułu zainspirowała mnie najnowsza książka Davida Loades’a ‘The Boleyns’. W rozdziale poświęconym Marii Boleyn, Loades zawarł dwie informacje które pobudziły moją czujność ;

- Henryk VIII odesłał Marię pod opiekę jej męża latem 1525 r. Co zaowocowało narodzinami pierwszego syna Marii, Henryka Carey’a w marcu 1526 r.

-  informacja o tym, że córka Marii, Katarzyna Carey, urodziła się około 1527 r.

Henry Carey, Mary's first child

I was inspired to write this article after reading another chapter of new book by David Loades, ‘The Boleyns’. In chapter entitled  ‘Mary & the King’s Fancy – in and out of Favour’ professor Loades states that ;

”Mistress Carey’s charms may have faded, or been replaced by those of her sister, but the indications are that Mary was handed over to her husband at some point in the summer of 1525. Her son, Henry Carey, was born on 4 March 1526, and that suggests that she began to sleep with William at some time in June or July of 1525.” / p. 52 /

”From 1526 onwards Mary is overshadowed by her sister Anne, and glimpses of her in the records become few. She must have spent quite a lot of her time on pregnancy leave, because a few months after Henry’s birth, she had conceived again, and bore William’s second child, a daughter Catherine, at some time in 1527.’ / p. 53/

I have to say that I always thought that Catherine Carey was born c. 1524 and thus was Mary Carey’s first child. In her book ‘Mary Boleyn : The True Story of Henry VIII’s Favourite Mistress’ Josephine Wilkinson states that ;


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