Welcome in the Queen Anne Boleyn Website’s Shop. We made replicas of historical jewelry. All products are handmade and feature the top quality pearls and gems.

To guarantee the highest security of your transaction, we use PayPal to process your credit cards. For further information please contact me at: anneboleynpl@gmail.com

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  1. I would very much love to own the Boleyn necklace with the B. I am an American of ancestry that makes us cousins.

    Unfortunately I cannot tell how much you are asking. Can you translate into American dollars so I have an idea.


  2. Sylwia says:

    Hello Chris!
    Of course, please tell me which “B” necklace are you interested in because he have few versions of this necklace.

  3. Michelle (TudorRose) says:

    I am trying to purchase one or two items via your website but I noticed it only accepts transactions that are made as well as done through paypal. Can I pay using another option another alternative or not as I am currently having problems with my paypal account and one of the items that you have I cannot seem to get let alone find anywhere else. If you could let me know that would be much appreciated.


    • Sylwia says:

      Hello Michelle!
      Please tell me which item would you like to purchase and I will let you know whether we have it in stock. If we have it ins stock, then we will arrange the payment – money transfer through bank account.

  4. TudorRose says:

    I was interested in purchasing the new “HA”necklace aswell as the tassel one. :)

  5. Michelle says:

    Yes! That is the one! :) I would be interested in purchasing both necklaces in freshwater pearl but if you could give me a quote for how much it would cost for the glass and freshwater both it would be much appreciated. Please and thank you. M.

  6. Sylwia says:

    Ok, so for The Last Necklace will be ready in 10 days.
    And HA is in stock.
    I can send you e-mail with bank account details if you decide to buy! :-)
    My e-mail is : anneboleynpl@gmail.com

  7. TudorRose says:

    Send me the details please :-)

  8. TudorRose says:


  9. TudorRose says:

    Can you tell me the status of my order please as I have not heard anything back.

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