Hello everyone and welcome on my website! 

My name is Sylwia and I’m author of “The Daring Truth About Anne Boleyn:Cutting through the Myth”.

Some of may ask : why Anne Boleyn? The Tudor period is fascinating and I always wanted to publish my research on Anne Boleyn.

If you would like to contact me, you can do so via e-mail: sylwia@thedaringtruth.com

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  1. Kathy says:

    Hello Sylwia,

    your Anne Boleyn Site is very good. I have an german Anne-Boleyn-Blog, you see. ;) So I want to ask you, if our sites could be partners.


    • Sylwia says:

      Hello Kathy!

      Thanks for stopping by my website! :-)
      Yes, we can be partners :-)

      Best wishes,

    • Mansur says:

      Great website! Loving to see the love for Anne Boleyn rise these days. I feel for a long time she was grtaley misunderstood. Particularly I feel that beyond rising to queendom, and the drama of her death, she is often underplayed as an astute political player. Her love of new ideas and new ideals of the early rennaissance, her wish to manifest those ideals in England through breaking away from the power of Rome etc. She was not just some ambitious woman, she actually sought to achieve a greater goal which she saw as important for the time (her education in France being a big influence there).I look forward to the letters. I hope to use some of the information as part of a novel I am writing. Thank you. Segolene x

  2. GADawn says:

    Very nice website. Ever since I saw The Six Wives of Henry VIII on Masterpiece Theater show here in the U.S. on public television, back in the early 1970s. I always was a “royalty” buff but this stirred my interest so much more. Thanks for a great site.

  3. Boudica says:

    I’ve also been haunted by Anne Boleyn since I can’t remember when. I’m very pleased I have found your blog.

    Mahalo from Maui Hi

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